Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Texture! -Genna Sherwood

This model is wearing a jacket that could be connected with stairs or a jagged rock wall.

The blue dress the model is wearing has scale like features such as snake skin.

The rose patterns on the blouse has the same texture as a real rose.

The background image is magma from a volcano. The holes in the dress make me think of magma because if a dress had been burned by little shooting pieces of it I think it may look like this.

This wrinkled up piece of paper has the same characteristics of this wavy tube dress.

These images are similar not only in color but because the jacket this model is wearing, even though not visible, has little raised circular patterns.

The background image is a zoomed view of a pillow. The model on the right is wearing a very thin layer of knit such as the pillow. The model on the left is wearing a jacket made up of various rough beading and textures, Just as the rocks below her.

This is an example of implied texture. Implied texture is that which we see because of visual design techniques but cannot be physically felt.

The honeycomb in the background and a crochet knit stocking are similar because of their congruent patterns.

I got all of my images from various websites through www.bing.com